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How the Israel/Palestine conflict is relevant to the issues of al Qaeda, the 9/11 attacks, and jihadist movements in general

From a page where people were debating whether the Israel/Palestine issue was relevant to a discussion about the 9/11 attacks. My comments: The Israeli/Palestinian issue is relevant in the sense that it is among the primary complaints of Al Qaeda that they claim as motive for their attacks against the USA. However Al Qaeda are … Continue reading


If there were any “secondary explosive devices” in the Twin Towers on 9/11/01 al Qaeda probably put them there.

What I find interesting about the “secondary explosives” in the WTC issue is that everyone on both sides of the “inside job” issue seems to automatically link “secondary explosives” with “inside job”. An Al Qaeda linked cell put a bomb in the parking garage of the WTC in 1993 and that bomb builder is the … Continue reading


Why it was not “stupid” or “paranoid” for Washington DC cops to be concerned about a pressure cooker near the Washington Mall

FYI my fellow Americans, you arrogant uninformed bloviating idiots who feel the need to smugly bash on the men and women who keep you safe…this is why one might be “paranoid” about a pressure cooker on the Washington Mall on Memorial Day. Did you know-nothing fools already forget the Boston Marathon bombing? Continue reading


Israel/Palestine: The land belongs to (fill in the blank)…which land?

When people say things like “The land belongs to Israel” or “The land belongs to Palestinians” which land are they talking about? “All of it”? What does that mean? British Palestine? The 1967 borders? The 1947 borders? The former Islamic Caliphate? Which former Caliphate? “Greater Israel”? From the Indian Subcontinent to Spain and Morocco? Illegal … Continue reading


A Brief History of “ISIS”

A Brief History of “ISIS” It’s not “an Islamic state”. It’s “Islamic State”. That is what they call themselves. They stopped calling themselves Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) a long time ago. They don’t like the title Daesh (Daeech, Daiish, et cetera…it’s Arabic so … Continue reading